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                                                           UITP AWARDS

The UITP Awards showcase ambitious and innovative public transport projects undertaken in the last two years in cities and regions around the world. These should position public transport as the backbone of urban and local mobility solutions.
Key award criteria for the Awards
The UITP Award categories recognise and reward ambitious and innovative practices in five key dimensions that companies and organisations need to address to put in place sustainable urban and local mobility systems. These are:
Innovation: The novelty of an idea, taking into consideration the urban/social dimension of transport, digitalisation, energy efficiency and entrepreneurship
Contribution: Assisting the sector ambition of increasing the public transport market share worldwide
Transferability: The potential for the project to be replicated in another city/region
Partnership: Formal or informal consortia of partners and stakeholders that jointly submit an application, demonstrating an integrated approach to mobility issues
Relevance to the specific Award Category

The Call for Submissions is open from 22 January and will be closed on 8 March 2019. For more information, you may find here the description of award categories or access the UITP website.
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